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The Mall Sanremo celebrates the start of fall with the rustic style of Cascina Eclettica
September 19 — November 12

The Mall Sanremo and Vincenzo Dascanio are celebrating the start of fall with Cascina Eclettica: the unique seasonal event set to entertain visitors with engaging rural-inspired installations until November 12.

The key word is tradition. The tradition of the land and all its treasures, which occupy center stage in structures that draw inspiration from life on the farm. These include Il Raccolto, an oasthouse decorated with crystallized grapes and La Corte, the enormous sacred olive tree flanked by an interactive screen which recounts the various stages of oil processing.

Next, there is La Cascina, an elegant lounge area where visitors can take a break surrounded by rustic furnishings and board games such as checkers and Memory.

If, however, you’re on the hunt for a tasty pit stop, La Dispensa has shelves filled with cans and jars, interspersed with screens showing quiz questions for visitors to try, while Cucine del Mondo is an immersive space where visitors can discover local dishes through displays and old recipe books.

A sensory event to be enjoyed by anyone wanting to reconnect with nature in its most authentic form.