«What do fashion and music really have in common?
The creation of unique pieces that excite audiences,
either through visuals or sounds.
What arises from their union is a show

The archives of the Sanremo Festival are made up of songs, clothes and charm. Since the first editions in the 1950s, Haute Couture has characterized and punctuated the evenings of the festival.

1960 is the decisive year: singers, valets, and guests of honor chose their designer or their trusted tailor shop, thus bringing unique and inimitable garments on stage.

From that day the Song Festival became a stage not just for music, but also for fashion, a showcase for the creations of the most important designers and stylists of the world.

The Fashion Side of Festival tells the story of the Sanremo Festival, through the display of clothes of some of its protagonists.

The display cases, accompanied by images, videos and anecdotes, will allow each visitor to make an evocative journey in which fashion and music mix with each other, becoming one.

The Mall Sanremo thus promotes a cultural heritage confirming itself not only as a place for shopping and elegance, but also for culture. A reality that has its roots in the territory to which it belongs, to enhance its beauty in all its forms.