metropolis on the sea, Genova has two different identities linked to its glorious past: the port overlooking the Mediterranean open to trade and influenced by other cultures, and the city itself with its merchants and bankers that once made Genoa one of the largest commercial centers in Europe, where history lives on in historic stately homes and opulent Baroque churches.

Genova is a city waiting to be discovered, with little streets, charming piazzas and “carruggi” (alleys). Here old and new, historic and contemporary, merge in fascinating contradictions that exprime a mix of cultures and stories, that can only exist in a big city such as this.

Losing oneself in the city’s narrow alleys which lead out on to characteristic squares is definitely an experience you won’t forget — as is stopping  at one of the many historical eateries to enjoy a taste of the Ligurian cuisine, accompanied by the finest wines of the Riviera.

And don’t miss the famous Genova Aquarium, the largest in Europe, designed to recreate perfectly the natural habitats of a large variety of species.  It is also home to the Biosfera, designed by Renzo Piano — a steel and glass sphere on the water, housing tropical plants and animals.

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