Liguria in summer is the smell of basil, heat,
light that shines in through the window, olive trees lined up like
little thoughts and a sea, that dresses the air in blue.”
(Fabrizio Caramagna)

The smallest region in Italy, Liguria is a land of rolling hills ,mirrored in the emerald green waters.

On the border with France and easily reachable from the French Riviera, Liguria is an Italian region with a variety of different characteristics, defined by a lush natural landscape, it’s also an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s here, right in the heart of the Mediterranean landscape and on the Riviera dei Fiori, that The Mall Sanremo stands out: a unique destination where visitors can enjoy high-fashion brands at special prices, with contemporary architecture, full of style, inspired by the gentle movement of sea waves. 

Over three hundred kilometres of coastline, hosting some of the most beautiful marine reserves in Italy, with fine-sand beaches, rocks overlooking the sea, ancient fishing villages and medieval castles with a unique atmosphere and charm. 

Fragrant gardens,crystal-clear sea, fun, enjoyment and good food: all the elements needed for an unforgettable trip.


Sanremo is a unique destination to visit all year round, thanks to its warm, charming environment, enhanced by its pleasant coastal climate and countless blossoming gardens. 

Known as the City of Flowers thanks to its splendid, famous cultivations of carnation, roses and ornamental greenery, it is also the homeland of the famous Italian Sanremo Music Festival. Events, exhibitions, casinos, cultural initiatives, golden beaches and clear water: Sanremo is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Riviera and today, thanks to the opening of The Mall Sanremo, it is also the ideal destination for a new shopping experience.


A metropolis on the sea, Genova has two different identities linked to its glorious past: the port overlooking the Mediterranean open to trade and influenced by other cultures, and the city of merchants and bankers that made its historical centre one of the largest in the whole of Europe, flaunting stately homes and opulent Baroque churches.

Genova is a city waiting to be discovered, with its little streets, cute piazzas and “carruggi” (alleys): old and new, historic and contemporary , merge in fascinating contradictions that tell a mix of cultures and stories, that could only truly exist in a big city such as this.

Losing oneself in the city’s narrow alleys, which lead out on to characteristic squares is definitely an experience you won’t forget, as is stopping off at one of the many historical eateries to enjoy a taste of the Ligurian cuisine, accompanied by the finest wines of the Riviera.

And don’t miss the famous Genova Aquarium. In actual fact, it is the largest aquarium in Europe, and has been designed to perfectly recreate the natural habitats of a large variety of species.  It is also home to the Biosfera, designed by Renzo Piano, a steel, glass sphere on the water, housing tropical plants and animals.

Le Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful natural Mediterranean areas in Liguria: nestled in a section of coastline spanning about 10km, five ancient towns (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso) overlook the sea in a festival of colours, enhanced by rows of characteristic coloured houses reflected in the blue waters of the sea.

The ideal place for those who love outdoor activities, it has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. This area’s unrivalled charm treats visitors to unforgettable days steeped in nature, where they can enjoy breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters, or wander along its multitude of pathways through lush plant life, taking in all the sights and scents of this paradise on earth.



A famous tourist location on the Levante Riviera, Portofino is a true jewel in the Liguria’s crown, with its historical port nestled in a bay lapped by clear waters, and its striking sheer rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, enhanced by realms of lush flora on all sides.

Portofino overlooks a small bay with a spell-binding row of vibrant houses and preserves intact the atmosphere and characteristics of a small Ligurian fishing village to welcome visitors in elegant social events, or offer a wonderful Belvedere to immerse yourself in nature.


The French Riviera

Just a stone’s throw from Sanremo, the world-famous French Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its pleasant climate is bound to guarantee visitors an unforgettable trip, with its wonderful landscapes, art scene, history and social life, not to mention its culinary excellence.

The largest city on the French Riviera is Nice, full of tourist attractions and a meeting place for artists, both in the past and in the present. Events, festivals and performances breathe life into the picturesque streets of its historical centre, offering a number of different ways for visitors to spend time once they’ve relaxed on its magnificent pebble beaches.

For those seeking contemporary charm, Montecarlo is one of the most exclusive location in the area, capable of enchanting tourists with its luxury venues, its legendary casino and the hair-raising Grand Prix, which speeds directly through the city’s streets. 

Cannes, with its three casinos, contributes to the fame of the French Riviera, not only thanks to its bustling events programme, but most importantly thanks to its glamorous film event: Cannes International Film Festival. Some of the greatest divas of past and present have promenaded on the Croisette of Cannes, in a never-ending love story that spans over 70 years.

Una selezione dei principali eventi che vi attendono in Liguria.

Moda, arte contemporanea, lifestyle, buon cibo e ricerca enogastronomica. Ma anche teatro, spettacoli, musica. Eventi, musei e festival compongono un ricco calendario di appuntamenti all’insegna del della bellezza, della cultura, del mare e della natura.

Festival di Sanremo

Ogni anno a febbraio i nomi più importanti della musica leggera si danno appuntamento a Sanremo per il Festival della Canzone Italiana. Nella cornice del teatro Ariston dal 1951 si svolge una delle manifestazioni canore più famose di sempre, una celebrazione della musica italiana. Una competizione che per sei giorni tiene incollati milioni di telespettatori che seguono le fasi di eliminazione e che portano alla vittoria la canzone inedita più bella dell’anno. Due le sezioni in gara: big e giovani proposte che si contendono l’ambito premio.

Corso Fiorito Sanremo

I fiori sono i protagonisti assoluti di Sanremo e di questo evento imperdibile di tutta la Riviera: il Corso Fiorito. Il Corso Fiorito di Sanremo ricorda il classico corso carnevalesco, anche se si svolge in un periodo diverso da quello tradizionale riservato al Carnevale. Una sfilata dei carri allegorici, realizzati con i fiori, intervallati da bande musicali e gruppi folcloristici che si svolge tutti gli anni nella seconda metà di marzo. Il Corso Fiorito una grande tradizione in Riviera, in connessione con il famoso Carnevale di Nizza e la Festa dei Limoni di Mentone.

Yacht Club Sanremo

Un secolo di vela attende gli appassionati del mare in un luogo cardine della Riviera dei Fiori. Una Compagnia della Vela datata 1920, che coinvolge professionisti, pescatori, esponenti della “marineria velica”, tutti appassionati di questo sport e regatanti su gozzi a vela e nelle prime classi che andavano dai 3,75 ai 5 metri. Oggi i visitatori entrano nel Club salendo i gradini della scala reale della motonave Augustus, del 1927, luogo imperdibile perché uno dei punti cardine della città, che da qui organizza da anni seguitissimi Campionati Mondiali, Europei e Italiani.


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