Liguria in summer is the smell of basil, heat,
light that shines in through the window, olive trees lined up like
little thoughts and a sea, that dresses the air in blue…

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

The smallest region in Italy, Liguria is a land of rolling hills,
reflected in the emerald green waters of the Mediterranean.

On the border with France, within easy reach of the French Riviera, Liguria is an Italian region with a variety of different characteristics, defined by a lush natural landscape, it’s also an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s here, in the heart of the Mediterranean landscape and on the Riviera dei Fiori, that The Mall Sanremo stands out: a unique destination where visitors can enjoy luxury fashion brands at attractive prices, with contemporary architecture, full of style, inspired by the gentle movement of sea waves.

Over three hundred kilometers of coastline, home to some of the most beautiful marine reserves in Italy, featuring sandy beaches, jetties overlooking the sea, ancient fishing villages, and medieval castles with unique atmosphere and charm.

Fragrant gardens, a crystal-clear sea, fun, enjoyment and good food: all these elements combine for an unforgettable trip.