Good cooking is honest,
sincere and simple

(Elizabeth David)

Take a break and enjoy cuisine that combines sea and land in unique recipes

Liguria’s culinary traditions reflect the characteristics of a unique region, crossed by rolling hills on one side, and lapped by the emerald green coastal waters on the other.

The region’s variegated, lush nature produces exceptional fresh products that are used in simple, elegant and fragrant dishes. The fertile Liguria land, with a mild and sunny climate, offer an incredible variety of vegetables, fruit trees, olives groves, and is home to many aromatic herbs known since the medieval age.  

The most famous of these is certainly the Ligurian basil, the main ingredient of the famous pesto alla genovese. The sauce, with its characteristic garlic, oil, basil and pine nut aromas, is cold-pressed using a few simple ingredients and is the perfect condiment for pasta, lasagne, gnocchi or even minestrone soup.

The are many recipes from “land and sea,” which are made using a wide variety of ingredients, combining shellfish and fish with aromatic garden vegetables, often seasoned with olive oil. 

Foccaccia is of the tastiest recipes where to use Ligurian oil, to bring out its classic aromas. A soft regional speciality, foccaccia can also be enjoyed at breakfast time, or with cold meats and different kinds of cheese.
Another delicacy that you shouldn’t miss out is brandacujùn, a very delicate starter made with oil, dried stockfish and potatoes.

Most of Liguria’s specialities are created by combining the products offered by its land, so ingeniously cultivated by man, and the generosity of the sea. Indeed, fish often plays a starring role in Ligurian cuisine, with its stuffed mussels and anchovies, as well as a number of soups and fried dishes.

The Sardenaira, made with tomato sauce, capers and anchovies, is the ancient Sanremo pizza recipe, particularly suggested to eat as a quick snack.

But the most famous dish of all is undoubtedly the cappon magro, a ‘tower-like’ ensemble made of fish, vegetables, prawns and mussels, dressed with green sauce and served with hard tack biscuits.

For those seeking for an authentic taste experience you simply can’t afford to miss the ultimate typical Sanremo delicacy: purple prawns. The prawn’s unique flavor, which is one of Mother Nature’s true masterpieces, is due to the particular plankton he eats.
In order to fully savor its flavor, it is best to eat it raw, accompanied by a glass of one of the most prestigious white wines of the Ligurian Riviera.